Friday, 10 February 2012

Sewing Machine Antics...

Today I tackled my temperamental sewing machine!

It was very generously given to me at a craft fair.  However, despite being a very good machine it has been stored away for a while and is very clogged with dust.  I've been lovingly cleaning it with earbuds! But not knowing sewing machines very well, and this machine not having an instruction book, it has proved difficult to put back together every so often!!  I have now managed to make myself a pin cushion and 2 cases for dictaphones (one for my Dad and one for me). 

My Dictaphone Case

It does jam quite frequently so I may need to take it to a proper sewing machine place to have an MOT!!  My stitching therefore is very dodgy and no where near perfect, but it does the job and I'm proud of it anyway.  It has a yellow patterned lining and a press-stud fastening.  The one I made for my Dad has a brown version of the same material on the outside and a green sheen material on the inside.  I forgot to take a picture of this and now it's in Afghanistan with him!  The stitching was much better on his.

All the material I use is from the off cut bins in fabric shops or charity shops.  I love to recycle!

In other news and craftyness today I received my 'product challenge' box from the Simply Homemade magazine.  In the box is...

From left to right... 5 different patterned papers, red hearts patterned fabric, 4 colours of felt, 7 ribbon lengths and numerous buttons.

The task is to create one item and explain how to make it in 8 steps.  Not all the items have to be used and I can use some of my own materials in addition to these.

I already have a definate idea in my mind.  Just need to get a couple of bits then I can get crafting.  Exciting times.  I can't wait to see what the other people taking part in the challenge come up with.

That's all for now, I'm going to make my boyfriend's Valentine's card tomorrow.  That will also be interesting as my card making projects in the past have not always proved successful!!


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