Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The beginning of my knitting journey...

This will only be a short post (much like my knitting progress!) as I had an induction at another care home so no chances to craft today.

I thought I would share my rather ambitious first knitting project with you.  My Grandma taught me the basic stiches when I was very young and it didn't amount to much, other than her frustrations and my mum laughing at my wonky work!  10+ years later I have picked up my needles again and tried to remember what my Grandma had taught me.  My inspiration for rekindling this craft was helping one of the residents in the care home with her knitting project.

Some people may think a nice easy project to start off with would be a scarf, but oh no not me! I decided a patchwork knitted blanket would be the thing for me.  I had seen some lovely chunky wool in my local Sue Ryder charity shop so I bought three colours:

I soon realised that this would not go far, I only managed to make 1 and a half squares with one ball of wool! Unfortunately Sue Ryder did not have enough and could not order any more :-( I scoured the internet and bought enough to make 36 squares. (Costing about £50 so it had better be worth it!!)

As I said progress is slow and I've only made 4 and a half squares.  One thing I have noticed is that the lovely gorgeous chunky wool may have not been right for making a blanket! It is so heavy already. I may have to convert it into a rug or wall hanging!! Otherwise I'll be pinned to the sofa underneath it!

My progress so far...

Hmm long way to go yet!  I hope my Grandma would have been proud though.


  1. Hi Cat. How about using it as a cushion cover - super snuggly & cuddly. Well done for having a go.
    Anji x

  2. That is a good idea but each square is about 20cm x 20cm so is gonna be huuuuge!! That will be my next knitting project once this is completed! Thank you for the idea xx