Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ribbon Flowers are a go!

I have been practicing the ribbon wedding roses since posting my last blog.  I'm now happy to share my prototypes...
Prototype Roses

My sister has now decided she would like 100 roses.  Oh My, I will be busy! (At least they won't be needed until June 2013!)

In other news I have discovered a wonderful Facebook group called 'Craftspeople in Norfolk'.  I have found a few like minded people not too far away from where I live who want to meet up for a crafty gossip and creation session! Exciting times ahead I hope.


  1. hi Cat,popped over from SH page to have a looky ! Looks great ! Good luck with the flowers-you'll be doing them in your sllep by 100 of them
    take care,

  2. sorry -that should read "sleep" !!!!

  3. I saw your post on the Simply Homemade facebook page, and had to stop by and say hello. I love your flowers, you are going to be really busy over the next few months. I look forward to seeing what else you're going to make.

  4. All the materials are now ordered. Can't wait to get started! I'm now waiting for Simply Homemade to send me a 'product challenge' box, so there are plenty more creations to come.