Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My new papercut adventure!


I have been a very bad blogger of late and have left me blog feeling very rejected!  My excuse is that I have been very busy with my uni course and placements. I'm now on an Easter break - which should mean essay writing but instead I have taken the opportunity to do some crafting and blogging instead!!

My new adventure is papercut images.  I only started having a go yesterday, and so I've only created 3 so far. I've started off simple. I have seen so many beautifully intricate papercuts that for now I will just aspire to!

Here is my first attempt:

As you can see nice and simple!

For my second attempt I wanted to do a free style swirl pattern to see what would happen:

I wasn't overly enamored by this one but I think it'd look better incorporated into a larger design. Completing the swirl pattern also made me realise that my standard craft tool really isn't up to the job - especially when it comes to curved edges.

So I decided to do a little research and I came across this blog:
And talk about stunning designs - I was blown away! One of this blogger's posts kindly talks about what tools are best for papercutting and suggests a 360degree swivel blade. He also has included some videos on his blog demonstrating how these blades make life so much easier!

I therefore have invested in one and I pick it up tomorrow!!

Of course I couldn't wait for the blade to arrive before attempting my next papercut - a horse silhouette:

I have to say I am rather over the moon with this one.  I now need to decide how to mount these papercuts.

Let me know what you think of my attempts so far. Tomorrow when I pick up my new blade (a Fiskars Swivel Knife) I'll also pick up some good quality card as I feel the paper I'm using is a little flimsy - resulting in some near decapitations of letters and legs!

I promise I will blog more often - especially now I've begun on this new papercutting venture/adventure!

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